Barbara Portailler engage sa pratique comme partie prenante du réel, pour participer au changement de nos réalités. Nombres de ses œuvres prennent place dans l’espace public, sous la forme de collages ou de performances, pour nous interpeller sur les questions de l’économie collaborative, solidaire ou circulaire.



Barbara Portailler is dedicated to using art as a way to change our realities, engaging herself as a stakeholder. She creates her work in the public space, whether through street art or performances to shine a light on issues of collaborative economy, social enterprise and upcycling.



(ta)Badelaide is a one-day outdoor project, performed during a hard rubbish week in Adelaide, Australia, with furniture collected in the street. It consists in an outdoor living room, open for sharing experiences: painting collaboration, food & discussion.

La vie en roses

La vie en rose is a two-week outdoor project, performed in the little village of Mas d'Azil, France, where the issue of small or collective habitat causes controversy. I built a mobile installation, in the shape of a very little house, made of second hand pallets. It consists in an outdoor photo booth, open for self portrait and sharing experiences about feeling home and life in pink.